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Australian Car Recycling Company

Turn Your Old Car Into Cash: Australia's Premier Car Recycling Service

At AMCARRECYCLE, we specialise in car recycling and offering top-dollar cash for cars. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures your vehicle is recycled responsibly. Get the best value in Australia for your old car and contribute to a sustainable future with us. Choose the trusted name in car recycling and cash for cars services.

Cash for Cars Australia

Instant Cash upto $9,999 for Free Car Recycling in Adelaide

Sell your old or broken car in Adelaide fast and hassle-free. Fill out this form and send your vehicle details. We’ll get back to you straight away with a cash offer for your car.

Just pick up your phone and call AM CAR RECYCLE who pays top cash for all types of vehicles.

We buy cars from nice second-hand running cars to junk cars, salvage cars, cars for scrap, unwanted vans, trucks, Utes, SUV’s, old cars, recycling cars, written-off cars.


– Top-quality service

– Quick and stress-free process

– FREE car removal all over Adelaide

– Eco-Friendly car recycling and recycling service

Professional Main Services

Trade your vehicle for cash and contribute to a sustainable future. With AMCARRECYCLE, every car gets a second chance.”

Our Services

AMCarRecycle Will Pay Instant Cash For Your Car, Truck, SUV Or Van. Call Us Today And Get Quick Cash!

Vehicle Purchase

We buy vehicles of all types and conditions, offering competitive prices for old, damaged, or unwanted cars.

Free Car Removal

Enjoy our hassle-free vehicle collection service, making the selling process smooth and convenient for you.

Eco-friendly Car Recycling

Our eco-friendly car wrecking service ensures responsible disposal and recycling of vehicle parts.

Cash for Trucks and Vans

Get quick cash for your trucks and vans with our straightforward and speedy process.

Instant Cash Offers

Enjoy immediate, fair cash offers for your old, damaged, or unwanted cars, making the selling process swift and rewarding.

Free Car Evaluation

Benefit from a comprehensive, no-obligation evaluation of your vehicle’s worth by our experienced appraisers.

Why Choose Us

Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Drive Green, Earn Green: Top Reasons to Recycle Your Car with

Unbeatable Value for Your Vehicle

When it comes to getting the best value for your old car, stands unrivalled. Our industry expertise and transparent evaluation process ensure that you receive a fair and top-dollar offer every time. Don't settle for less; choose us for the best returns on your vehicle.

Eco-Conscious Recycling Practices

At, we're not just in the business of cars; we're in the business of sustainability. Our car recycling methods prioritise the environment, ensuring every vehicle is processed with minimal ecological impact. From salvaging reusable parts to safely disposing of hazardous materials, we're dedicated to a greener tomorrow.

Hassle-Free Experience from Start to Finish

We understand that parting with your old car can be a daunting process. That's why we've streamlined our services to offer a seamless and stress-free experience. From easy scheduling and free car removal to instant cash payments, our team is committed to making your car recycling journey smooth and rewarding.


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Australian Car Recycling Company

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